There Should be a Word For That

Rita Meade wrote over at Book Riot about "a reading experience that I imagine most book-loving people have from time to time" after having tweeted this:

Waited a long time to read book. Read book. Didn't like book. Life now empty.

And Rebecca Schinsky replied:

There should be a word for that.

Rita got suggestions for lost of great invented words  — like "discombookulated" for the state of being confused by a book’s plot — and here are more of the collected neologisms and portmanteaux:

  • book polygamy: “Reading several books at one time without being able to commit to just one of them.” – NYC writer Michael B.
  • last-lining: “When you come to the end of a book and cover the final page with your hand or sheet of paper and read line by line, so as to not accidentally read the final, final words, and also to maximize the finish.” – Brooklyn Librarian John Leighton
  • skim witted: “Quickly and shallowly reading tons of books to keep up with trends.” – David Lubar (again!)

Read the whole article over at Made-Up Words for Literary Experiences, and Rita says, "Feel free to add more in the comments, if you are feeling clever."

Image credit: Dropbox repository for images that have created engagement for libraries on Facebook