Create Book Spine Poetry

book spine poemHere's a fun way to celebrate National Poetry Month in April — create some Book Spine Poetry.

Use books from your library's collection or book sale to make a cento (a literary work made up of parts from other works) by stacking them up and reading the spines as a poem.  Consider making a display, and inviting your library's patrons to create poems too!

Just create your own book spine poem, snap a picture, and email it by April 1st to be part of the Book Spine Poetry Gallery.

Get tips for creating your poems, details for submitting your photos, and ideas from previous Galleries at Be a Part of the 2014 Book Spine Poem Gallery.

And ooh... this would be a great opportunity to showcase those poems by making DIY invisible bookshelves like these:

Photo credits:
• book spine poem: Travis Jonker
• invisible shelves: Austin Kleon via Flickr cc