The Quick Way to Forward Multiple Email Messages

When you need to collect and send lots of email messages related to a project, instead of forwarding each individual message, it's easy to gather them and attach them to just one message.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Press the Control / Ctrl key while you click on each separate message in your Outlook mailbox that you want to forward.
  2. If you're using Outlook 2010: On the ribbon, on the Home tab in the Respond group, click the Forward icon.

    If you're using Outlook 2007: In the toolbar, click Actions, and in the dropdown menu click Forward:

  3. Outlook creates a new email message, to which are atached the collected messages you selected to forward:

  4. Just add a subject line and the address of the person to which you're sending it, and click the Send button.

On the recipients’ end, your forwarded messages can be read by clicking the title of each attachment.

Hat tip to J. D. Biersdorfer at the Personal Tech column of the New York Times.