One Minute Tip: Freeze Panes to Keep Excel Spreadsheet Headers in Sight

It's easy to get lost in spreadsheets — if data fills lots of rows or columns, when you scroll down or across you lose sight of column or row headers, and then information loses its meaning.

Freeze Panes can help by letting you view column and row headings continuously, while you scroll your document. It lets you keep a row or column still, while the rest of the cells around it can scroll freely.

Watch the one-minute demo video embedded below (or on YouTube here) to see how easy it is to do in Excel 2010. (Bonus: learn how to freeze both a row and a column in the same spreadsheet!)

If you prefer step-by-step instructions in text form, read Freeze or Lock Rows and Columns.

Want more details? Watch a recording of this Office 15-Minute Webinar -- Freezing Panes in Excel.