A Replacement for iGoogle

If you use the iGoogle customizable start page to monitor RSS feeds and view gadgets, you already know that Google will "retire" it on November 1, 2013.

Now that you're looking for another free service to take its place (especially one that isn't an overcrowded page full of advertising), igHome is about as close to iGoogle as I've found.


  • is free
  • makes it easy to import all your iGoogle RSS feeds, gadgets, and tabs
  • has links to Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and other apps just like iGoogle
  • has a ton of free gadgets you can add to your start page.

Here are the steps to make the switch to igHome:

  1. Go to igHome
  2. Click on the Sign In To Personalize button in the upper right-hand corner.

  3. At the Register or Login window, click Create a New Account.

  4. At the Create a New Account window, enter your email address and choose a password. (You can and should use a different password than the password you use for your Google account.)

  5. You'll then see the home tab of your new igHome start page; it's been populated with some RSS feeds and gadgets to get you started. You can delete any you don't want to keep,

  6. You can delete any you don't want to keep, and click on the Add RSS Feed or Add Gadgets buttons.

  7. Now follow the steps to export your iGoogle settings so you can import all your RSS feeds into igHome. It's a good idea to right-click the link for iGoogle settings page, so you can refer to the igHome instructions on a separate tab.

    Note: Not all gadgets and feeds may be imported. This feature is only intended to help you start creating your igHome page. After importing, use the igHome gadget directory to find additional gadgets to complete your page.


  8. It may take a few minutes to import everything, but once it's done, you'll find your RSS feeds and tabs living in their new home.  :-) 
  9. You can edit any RSS feed's widget — just click in the upper right-hand corner of a pane, and you can adjust change the height, style, number of stories, etc.

  10. You can rearrange the widgets just by clicking & dragging them around on the page.
  11. Want to add more?  Click on the Add RSS Feed or Add Gadgets buttons.


Contact me if you need any help setting up and configuring your new igHome start page!

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