4 Tips to Fix Images that Won't Stay Put in Word Documents

image alignment screenshotAny time you add an image — a photo, clip art, diagram, or chart  — to a Word document, it can be a hassle getting it to stay where you want it, align correctly, or flow around the text.

The article Image Wrangling in Word 2010 explains why it happens, and how to fix it:

  • What to do with those roaming captions?
    • A mirage image — it’s there, then gone
  • Floating images keep jumping around. Why?
    • Fixing text flow disrupted by an added picture
  • “When I add a picture to my page, it makes a mess of my text formatting, adding lots white space around the picture. And when I add text or try to reformat it, the picture moves to a new place on the page. How can I fix that?”
    • “Sometimes, when I add a picture to my page, it stays where I put it. But other times it jumps to the next page. It’s incredibly annoying.”
  • “When I insert a picture on the Word page, it disappears! I see just a picture frame for a second and then nothing. What’s going on?”
    • “The captions that I add to figures often wind up getting bumped to the next page, while the image stays at the bottom of the previous page. How can I keep the pictures and captions together?”

These tips also help when adding images to Outlook email messages too!