New Book Recommendation Tool: Kindred Works

Try this new tool the next time you're stumped for a book to recommend to a customer — Kindred Works is an experimental recommender service from OCLC that overlays the WorldCat database.

Start by entering the name of an author or a title your patron likes, and Kindred Works will offer up suggestions of "read alikes."

Kindred Works is an experimental recommender service that helps you discover books, movies and music similar to a sample work of your choice. You can begin using Kindred Works by entering a title or ISBN in the search box or by selecting one of the samples on this page.

The software uses various characteristics of the sample work, such as classification numbers, subject headings, and genre terms, to provide a list of related works found in WorldCat. The list of recommendations may include books, ebooks, audiobooks, music, and video.

You can save or email information about a related work by using the Your List feature found at the bottom of your screen.

Hat tip to Roy Tennant via Twitter