Clear Windows Clipboard to Speed up Your Computer

If you've been doing a lot of copying & pasting between applications like Word and Excel, your computer's Windows Clipboard can fill up, causing your computer to slow down.

To clear the contents of the Windows XP Clipboard Viewer to help free up memory resources, follow these steps:
1. Click the Windows Start button.
2. Click the Run icon, which will open the Run box.
3. In the text box, type the word Clipbrd, and click the OK button.
4. The Clipboard will show your recent copy & pastes.
5. To clear the contents, click the word Edit in the top menu bar of the Clipboard Viewer window.
6. On the dropdown menu, click the word Delete.
7. A popup window will ask you you want to clear the contents of the Clipboard, and you can click the Yes button.
8. Now you've successfully cleared off your computer's Clipboard; just close the Clipbook Viewer Window to continue with your work.