Use Quick Parts to Re-use Text, Images & Formatting in Word

If you find yourself often entering the same "boilerplate" text, headers, footers, images, or formatting into a Word 2007 document, try using the Quick Part feature to create re-usable "building blocks".  Here's how:

1. In a Word 2007 document, use your mouse to select the text and/or images you want to re-use.

2. Click on the Insert tab.Microsoft Word Quick Part

3. In the Text section, click "Quick Parts".

4. Click "Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery".

5. In the box that opens, you can give this "building block" a unique name and description.

6. Click the OK button.

The next time you want to insert this chunk into a Word document, here's how to access your gallery of building blocks:

1. Click on your document where you want to insert the info.

2. Click the Insert tab again, and in the Text section, click "Quick Parts".

3. Click the thumbnail image of the building block, and the info will be inserted into your document.

More details on this topic are at this Microsoft Office Word page.

[via Kim Komando]