Use Autocorrect to Add Symbols

An easy way to put common symbols into a Microsoft Word document is to let its AutoCorrect feature do it for you.

Here are some handy examples:

Type (c) to create this symbol: ©

Type (r) to create this symbol: ®

Type (tm) to create this symbol: ™

Type -> to create this symbol: →

Note: If text isn't replaced with a symbol, you may need to turn on Word's AutoCorrect feature.  You can do that by following these steps:

1. Click the Microsoft Office Button (in the upper left-hand corner of the ribbon).
2. Click the "Word Options" button.
3. In the left-hand menu column, click "Proofing".
4. Under AutoCorrect options, click the "AutoCorrect Options" button, and then click the AutoCorrect tab.
5. Click the checkbox next to "Replace text as you type".
6. Click the "OK" buttons to exit out of the Options menu.