Customize Firefox to Search Sites You Use Most

Last week it was my turn to publish a post at the Project Play blog, and the topic seems like too good of an idea not to share with a wider audience of staff who might not regularly read the postings there.  So for this month's Internet topic, I'd like to simply point you there to read all about how to add new search engines to your Firefox.  Here it is: "Customize Firefox to Search Sites You Use Most".

I can attest to how well this add-on works -- just this afternoon I was trying to re-find a New York Times article I heard about from somebody's Twitter tweet (couldn't remember which one), and I hadn't saved a bookmark to it in my Delicious links, so (lightbulb goes on) I remembered I had added a custom search to the New York Times in Firefox.  Mere seconds later I re-found the article -- yay!

And the article?  Well worth sharing with you -- "Times Are Tough, and Libraries Are Thriving".