Save Paper With Custom-sized Printing in Firefox

When printing in Firefox, avoid wasting paper by using Print Preview to custom size the printout.  Here's how:

  1. On the Firefox menu bar, click "File"
  2. Click "Print Preview"
  3. On the Print Preview menu bar, click the arrow next to "Scale" to choose a percentage to get the desired fit.  (I let my Firefox use "Shrink to Fit" most of the time, but if that isn't quite right, I'll adjust the setting to squeeze down the font so everything fits on the minimum number of pages needed.)
  4. If one of the percentages offered in the dropdown menu isn't quite right, click "Custom" to enter a different percentage to get exactly what you need.
  5. Lastly, click the "Print" button.

A good example I came across today is the WLA Support Staff Section Annual Conference page.  I wanted to print it out to have in hand, but noticed the last page would print just the footer of the page.  So I changed it to 90%, and everything fit neatly on 2 pages. :-)