Use FillerItemFinder To Get Free Amazon Shipping

Last weekend I was shopping for birthday presents at, but when I was ready to pay for my purchases I found I didn't have enough in my cart to qualify for free super saving shipping. That meant I'd either need to pay for shipping ($5-$10), or find something else to buy that would bring my total up to $25.

Fortunately, I'd recently read Lifehacker's post about FillerItemFinder — you too can use it to find hard-to-find inexpensive filler items that cost just enough to bring your order over $25. Just enter the amount you need, choose to filter by category (like office products, pet supplies, home & garden, etc.) and get a list of items that will garner you free shipping:

Amazon Filler Item Finder

Adding a 27¢ box of paper clips to an order is a better use of money than paying for shipping!