When To Use CC and BCC in E-Mail

blind carbon copy in email messagesOne of the podcasts I listen to on my daily commute is Stever Robbins' Get-It-Done Guy, and the other day he talked about the etiquette and good practices to follow when using CC (Carbon Copy) and BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) when addressing email messages.

When you send an email message to someone, besides putting his or her address in the To field, you also have the option of addressing it to additonal people by using CC or BCC field. (To show the BCC field in Outlook, click the Options tab on the ribbon, and click Show BCC, as seen in the screenshot to the right.)

It's Stever's opinion that the CC and BCC fields should be used sparingly, and his points include:

  • Don’t Use CC to Deliver News
  • Don’t Use CC to Tell Someone You’re Done
  • Don’t Use CC to Cover Your Butt
  • Send Direct Email When You Want to Deliver a Message
  • When Should You Use CC?

You can read the transcript or listen to the audio file at "When Should You Use CC and BCC?" to see what you think.