Customize Outlook's Dictionary by Deleting Misspelled Words

Outlook has a spell checker so when you compose an email message and see a word that has a squggly red line underneath it, it's telling you the word isn't in its dictionary.  You can right click on the word to choose alternate spellings, ignore the misspelled word, or add it to your  custom dictionary.

If you've added a word to your custom dictionary by mistake, you can remove it by following these steps in Outlook 2007:

  1. Click Tools in the Outlook 2007 menu bar
  2. Choose Options from the menu
  3. Click the Mail Format tab
  4. Click the Editor Options button
  5. Choose the Proofing section
  6. Click the Custom Dictionaries button
  7. There should be a checkmark next to All Languages > custom.dic
  8. Click the Edit Word List button
  9. Mark the word, then click the Delete button
  10. Click the OK button to close the window