Using Microsoft Outlook's Out of Office Assisstant

If you are going on an extended vacation, or just won't be able to check your email for a while, you may want to set Outlook to automatically email people who email you to notify them you are out of the office.

Please note:
The Out of Office Assistant only works for email sent from someone in the Winnefox system. You will still need to notify friends, family, colleagues of your absence. You will also want to unsubscribe from any listservs you are a member of.

How to Turn On the Out of Office Assistant

  1. On the Tools menu, click Out of Office Assistant.
  2. In the Out of Office Assistant dialog box, click I am currently Out of the Office.
  3. In the AutoReply only once to each sender with the following text box, type the message that you want to send while you are out of the office.

When you return to the office, just go back into the assistant and have it say you are back in the office.