How Not to Lose Your Firefox Bookmarks

Firefox bookmarksA couple of days ago I got a question from a library director who wanted to know how she could save her Firefox bookmarks.  (She's preparing her laptop to be wiped clean so Windows 7 can be installed, and wants to be able to copy the bookmarks & then re-install them on the PC.)

I found info for her at the Mozilla website on how to manually back up your bookmarks & then replace them with your newly-made backup copy. 

To be on the safe side, I suggested two things:

  • Make sure both your current copy of Firefox and the new install of Firefox are the same version (Check the version you're running by clicking in the Firefox menu bar Help > About Mozilla Firefox.) (While you're there, click Check For Updates to make sure you're running the most recent version.)
  • Put the backup copy on either a drive share or a USB flash drive (instead of the C:\ drive) (but I think you knew that already!)