How to Print a Single Page of an Email Message in Outlook 2007

I answered this question for one of our libraries a couple of days ago, and figured it might be something more of you wondered about, so will share what I found with you all...

Lori asked, "Is there a way to only print the first page of an email?  I’m in Outlook 2007.  If I hit the printer icon I get everything.  But even if I go into File—Print, my only option is a Memo Style (which still ends up printing everything).  I am able to select just the even or odd pages, but a couple of my emails have long conversations and I only need the first page."

Sure there are kludges, but if you're using Outlook 2007 with Service Pack 2 (SP2) installed, you have the ability to print individual pages of an email message. (Earlier versions don't have this capability; here are your options for printing individual pages if you're using an earlier version of Outlook, or you can contact Pete Hodge about getting Service Pack 2 installed on your computer.)

First, here's how to find out if you’ve got SP2 installed:

1. in Outlook, click "Help" in the menu bar
2. Click "About Microsoft Office Outlook"

Outlook 2007's "about" info

3. This will open the "About" window; look to see if "SP2" is mentined in the first line.  Here's a screenshot of what to look for:

Service Pack 2 in Outlook 2007

Once you’ve got SP2 installed, when you go to print a message, the Print dialog box will now show an option to choose Page Range, where you can enter 1 to print just the first page:

printing individual pages in Outlook 2007

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