Tech Support Care Packages

Tech Support Care PackageWhen you visit family for the holidays, are you the one-person tech support?  Well, Google had you in mind when they put together over 50 short videos they call Teach Parents Tech. You can even email links to the videos directly from the website using their free Tech Support Care Package.

Keep in mind -- the videos also have potential as tutorials for your library's customers!

You can watch the videos at or at Google's channel on YouTube where you can get the code to embed a video on your library's blog, website, or Facebook page.

How-to videos you'll find there:

The Basics:

  • copy & paste
  • adjust the time on your clock
  • change your desktop background (Mac)
  • change your wallpaper (PC)
  • make text bigger (or smaller)
  • take a screenshot
  • change your screensaver (Mac)
  • change your screensaver (PC)

The World Wide Web:

  • create a strong password
  • upgrade your browser
  • make bookmarks
  • make a blog
  • shorten a long URL
  • change your default homepage
  • create an online calendar
  • change your background
  • browse the web with tabs


  • set up an email auto-responder
  • change your email address
  • translate text
  • make calls from your computer
  • check your spelling
  • stop getting a newsletter
  • chat
  • video chat
  • get a new phone number
  • create a mailing list
  • create an email signature
  • know if an email is real
  • check email on your phone


  • resize a picture
  • share a big file
  • attach a file to an email
  • share photos
  • crop photos
  • share videos
  • transfer files between computers
  • keep track of frequent flier numbers

Finding Information:

  • check the weather
  • find a pizza restaurant near you
  • get movie showtimes
  • find the definition of a word
  • get driving directions
  • track a flight's status
  • convert currency
  • use Google as a calculator
  • get public transportation directions
  • find a business's phone number
  • get stock quotes
  • find restaurant reviews
  • view live traffic