Use Templates to Save Time in Word & Excel

flyer templatesIf you need to create a flyer, budget, labels, award certificate, invitation, brochure, invoice, or other specialized document...

Before you create it from scratch, use as a starting-point one of the free templates that already exist for Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.)

A template is a document that already contains content, such as text, styles, and formatting; page layout, such as margins and line spacing; and design elements, such as special colors or borders.  They're for you to freely use & modify to meet your needs.

Here's how to find templates for both Word 2007 and Excel 2007:

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button,Office button image select New then click Installed Templates (or Local Templates in Access). All the templates currently installed on your computer will be listed.
  2. Highlight the template you want to use and click Create. A new file will open in the template you’ve selected.

Didn't find the right template for the job? Click on any of the categories below Microsoft Office Online to download what you need (you can also go to the Templates web page at

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