Watch Libraries & the Old Spice Guy: 2 Videos

If you've seen the original commercial for Old Spice, I think you'll like this Harold B. Lee Library parody:

And the one below was part of a "viral" video campaign yesterday on Twitter and other social networks. An ad agency seeded social networks with an invitation to ask questions of the Old Spice Guy, and users who contributed interesting questions had the honor of  having a customized video created for them (180+ videos total).  Andy Woodworth tweeted & asked his Twitter followers to re-tweet -- and the result is a video in which the Old Spice Guy says a few words about libraries -- and it was news enough to garner mention on The Huffington Post.

Andy's now started a Twitter petition for the Old Spice Guy to do a READ poster "I'm at a library. Reading a book."

Here are details on how the customized videos were made.

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