Wikipedia FAQ for Librarians

Wikipedia logoOpinions about the online encyclopedia Wikipedia range from criticism (open editing by everyone makes Wikipedia unauthoritative and unreliable, and its group dynamics hinder its goals) to praise (info is updated as news occurs, and crowd-sourcing creates a self-correcting community of encyclopedia writers). 

As the sixth-most-visited website in the world [source], it's hard to deny the impact Wikpedia has on the public. So it's worth taking a look at Wikipedia's FAQ For Librarians

Answers you'll find there include:

  • If people ask me whether Wikipedia is an appropriate resource for students and researchers, what do you recommend I say to them?
  • Anyone can edit Wikipedia. How can it claim to be accurate?
  • How common are mistakes on Wikipedia?
  • How can I, as an individual librarian, help make Wikipedia better?

From the FAQ:

Librarians generally make excellent Wikipedia editors, because they are typically fast and sophisticated researchers, and are used to summarizing and synthesizing information. Librarians also generally share the same mission and goals as Wikipedians: we all want to make high-quality information freely and easily available to the general public. Wikipedia would love for you to join us as a volunteer editor.

So check out your community's page on Wikipedia — is there info there about your library?  If not, add it!

Hat tip to Resource Shelf.