Firefox 4 and the LibX Toolbar

download Firefox 4The newest version of the Firefox web browser was released on March 22nd, and since by default Firefox is configured to automatically check for updates, you may already be using it.  If not, you can upgrade to Firefox 4 by clicking this link; when the install process is complete you'll just need to restart Firefox. Mozilla has a nice demo of what's different about Firefox 4 at where you can mouse over the new features to get details.
Firefox 4 rollover tutorial

Most major Firefox add-ons now work with Firefox 4.  And if you use the the LibX add-on, you'll need to upgrade to the new version that works with Firefox 4.  Here's how to do it:

1. Remove the old version of the toolbar. To do that...
a. On the menu bar, click Tools > Add-ons to open the Add-ons Manager
b. Click the Extensions tab
c. Next to LibX, click the Remove button
d. Restart Firefox to complete the uninstall process
uninstall the LibX add-on

2. Download the new version of Libx from
a. If you see a "Firefox prevented this site from asking you to install software on your computer" message, click the Allow button.
b. If you see a "Install add-ons only from authors whom you trust" box, click the Install Now button.
c. Restart Firefox.

3. Set up LibX:
a. Click the LibX 2.0 button
LibX 2.0 button
b. In the box marked "Select a LibX edition", type in the name of the town/village/city in which your library is located, or the name of your library (e.g. Leon-Saxeville is listed as Pine River, Caestecker is listed as Green Lake, etc.)  When the full name of your library appears in the box, click on it, and click the link for "Load this edition."
c. Now click the button again (you'll see that the LibX button has changed into an icon to match your library's logo.)
d. Click the "Preferences" tab
LibX preferences
e. In the Preferences page, click "Context Menu"; this will open up a new browser tab.
f. Click the blue arrow next to "Library Catalog" to expand it, and click the boxes next to the searches you want enabled on web pages.
LibX context menu
g. Close that LibX Preferences browser tab to complete the setup.

Now anytime you see a title or ISBN on any web page you can mark the text and right-click to bring up a menu that lets you search for the item in the shared catalog.

If you have any questions about LibX, contact Jody Cleveland at