Translate Voice into Text

I heard on the Marketplace Tech Report podcast that the Chrome web browser lets you talk into your computer’s microphone and translates what you say into text. I gave it a spin, and it's fun to work with!

Here's how to try it our for yourself:

  1. Download the free Chrome web browser from
  2. Once Chrome is installed, go to Google Translate at
  3. If you're using a laptop computer, it probably has an internal microphone you can speak into.  If not, you can plug in an external microphone (Winnefox distributed one per library).
  4. Use the dropdown menu to select English as the "from" language, and then the microphone icon appears in the bottom right corner of the text box
  5. Click the microphone icon
  6. Talk into the microphone, and watch as it types what you said — or at least, what it thought you said. 

As John Moe said in his report, "This could be a big help to people who have a hard time using a keyboard. It could also signal the way for making it easier to use the keyboard less and less."

• read the Marketplace Tech Report post  Chrome 11 Has More Integrated Google Translate
listen to the Marketplace Tech Report podcast episode — skip to the 3:00 minute mark to go right to the Chrome info