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BadgerLearn is a new source of free training materials, archived webinars, and tutorials.  Here are the categories of resources you'll find there:

Watch this 5-minute orientation video:

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BadgerLearn is a joint project under active development by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction’s Resources for Libraries and Lifelong Learning (RL&LL), Wisconsin Library Services (WiLS) and the Wisconsin Public Library Consortium (WPLC).

BadgerLearn's ultimate vision is to be a sort of co-op where library staff can use existing resources and share new resources they develop with the greater community. By reducing the need to re-invent the wheel, librarians can spend more time doing what we do best: serving our users.

Can you help us?
BadgerLearn is a collaborative project with no dedicated funding. We're looking for library and system staff willing to contribute content and/or help with our continuing development efforts. Are you a classification guru? How about a web design ninja? Do you love making Camtasia or Jing tutorials for stuff in your spare time? Does your library have some great training materials you'd like to share? Contact any of the project team; we'd love to have your help!

And please take the time to fill out their user survey.