Find a Book by its Color

If you work at a public service desk at a library, you're sure to have worked with a customer who asked for help in finding a book, but he or she wasn't able to remember details about it other than the subject and the color of its binding/cover.

The next time you get a question like this, try Daniel Russell's technique to see if it helps:

  1. Go to Google Images search
  2. search for the book's topic and the word "book"
  3. click on a color chip

Optionally, you can search Google Books and view the covers to see if one is a match for the one your customer is looking for.  Even though there isn't a color filter, you can...

  1. search for the topic
  2. on the results page choose Books and Grid view
  3. alternately, filter by date (choose 21st century for books likely to be in your library's collection)

source: Answer: How can you find a book by its color?