Soundtracks for Books

 "Reading, however, is silent by design. Unless readers add their own accompaniment." So writes Betsy Morais in her recent article in The Atlantic, Books With Soundtracks: The Future of Reading?

Mark Cameron noticed this on his daily ferry rides, and as he selected his own music-reading pairings, found himself choosing songs that emotionally corresponded to the words on the page. When he told his brother, the two started cooking up an idea for "a more cinematic-type experience" for reading, says Paul Cameron, who is now the CEO of the company they co-founded, Booktrack.

You can see the titles available so far; they offer selected titles for free so you can download one to see what you think!

Source: Books With Soundtracks: The Future of Reading? by Betsy Morais in The Atlantic, Aug 31 2011.

Image credit: Micah Watson via Stock.Xchng