New Developments Coming to Delicious

A recent article in The New York Times provided an update on developments coming later this year for the social bookmarking service Delicious.

According to the interview with Chad Hurley and Steve Chen (the founders of YouTube) who purchased Delicious from Yahoo in May 2011 ...

At heart, they say, the revamped service will still resemble the original Delicious when it opens to the public, which Mr. Chen and Mr. Hurley said would happen later this year. But their blueprint involves an overhaul of the site’s design and the software and the systems used to tag and organize links.

... the new Delicious aims to be more of a destination, a place where users can go to see the most recent links shared around topical events ...

The home page would feature browseable “stacks,” or collections of related images, videos and links shared around topical events. The site would also make personalized recommendations for users, based on their sharing habits.

Read the whole article to get a picture of what's in store for this popular bookmark-sharing service.

Source: YouTube Founders Revamping a Site for Link Sharing, by Jenna Wortham, September 11, 2011