The Secret to Reading the One-Page Version of Long Articles

printer-friendly versionEver read an article on a website but were annoyed it was spread out on multiple pages, so you had to keep clicking & clicking & clicking to read the next parts?  Some websites like the New York Times offer a "single page" icon, but if the website you're at doesn't offer that option, there's still a work-around to get the one-page version.  Here's the trick:

  1. Visit this article: "10 Banned Books That May Surprise You". Note that to read about all 10 book, you'd need to click the arrow arrow 9 times!
  2. Instead, notice the set of icons at the beginning of the article -- there's one that looks like a printer.
  3. Click the printer icon, and you'll see the printer-friendly version of the article (usually with illustrations and ads not included), and it's condensed into one page!

On some websites (the one in this example is one) the printer window will open. But if you just want to read the article on your monitor, you can click the Cancel button to read on.