Use Zamzar to Convert Files

Here's a handy tool to keep in your toolbox: Zamzar free online file conversion.  It can help out in situations like these...

Need a PDF turned into a GIF so you can use that poster for an image on your website? Did someone send a XLSX document to you, but you don't have Office 2007 to open it? Found a piece of clipart in Word but need to convert it from WMF to JPG for your blog?

Here's a tiny sampling of the kinds of file formats and conversions Zamzar can handle:

See a full list at their Conversion Types page.

You can even install the Zamzar Web Browser Button for your web browser's "Bookmarks Toolbar" to easily convert files at the click of a button. Click the button and Zamzar will auto-detect if any of the files on the page can be converted, highlight them, and you can then click a button to convert them. Watch a video of the button in action.

I learned about Zamzar and other great tools at the "IT Interested? Encouraging IT Experimentation in the Library" presentation by the IT Interest Group at the 2011 Wisconsin Library Association conference earlier this month.  Keep up on tech tools they share via their blog, Facebook, and Twitter.