Build a Free Desk Statistics Tracker Using Google Docs

If you need to collect and report reference transactions at your library — like for board reports or the Public Library Annual Report — and would like a better way than hashmarks on paper that get transferred to a spreadsheet, take a look at this article...

In the October 2011 issue of Computers in Libraries (available full text for free) Sunshine Carter and Thomas Ambrosi wrote an article titled "How to Build a Desk Statistics Tracker in Less Than an Hour Using Forms in Google Docs."

The authors state, "In less than an hour, using Forms in Google Docs, we were able to build a workable system after years of delay. Forms created an “aha!” moment for us: nothing to install, nothing to purchase, accessible from any service point, no server space to negotiate, statistics automatically compiled, and easy to analyze... Other institutions, when ready, will find that Forms in Google Docs provides an easy and workable solution for a custom-made desk statistics tracking tool."

The article provides the 7 simple steps (6 if you already have a Google account) for setting up your own customized statistics tracker.