Use Pinterest to Promote Events & Curate Content for Your Patrons

Pinterest is one of the hottest social networks of 2012.  It's a virtual pinboard where you can organize and share images & videos, and browsing others' Pinboards is a fun way to discover new things & get inspiration from people who share your interests. Joe Murphy calls it "Web bookmarking meets photo sharing meets visual to do lists."

Create an account for your library to "curate" content for your library's customers!  Pinterest is currently invite-only, but it's easy-peasy to request an invite from Pinterest or anyone else (like me) who's already using it. Get step-by-step instructions on setting up your account here: How to Get Your Nonprofit Started on Pinterest.

Get inspired by these libraries' boards to promote your library's programs & materials:

A few best practices to keep in mind when Pinning:

  • Add keywords at the end of your Pin's description so pinners can find your images and boards when they do their own searches; just add a # in front of a word to create keywords like #library #bookclub #vampires
  • Add a Pinterest “Follow” and/or “Pin It” Button to your website or library's Facebook page; chose one from their Goodies page
  • Install the “Pin It” bookmarklet so you can Pin right from your browser; drag & drop it to your bookmarks toolbar from the Goodies page
  • If you're pinning covers of books and DVDs, use Winnefox's LibX toolbar to create "permalinks" to each item's record in our catalog
  • If pinning fundraising items for sale by your Friends group, add a price to your pin description and a grey banner with the price will be displayed on the upper left corner. Also, your pin will be listed in a special "Gifts" section; it's automatically added to the appropriate category in Gifts (for example, the $20-50 range).

Get ideas for SLP and other programs at your library:

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