Split Views for Documents/Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel and Word allow you to split the screen to give you different views into the same document or spreadsheet. The first thing to look for, to see if your program offers this feature is a tiny spacer next to the scrollbar. There may be one above the vertical scrollbar.

There may be one to the right or left of the horizontal scrollbar.

Or both. (Note: in Microsoft Excel, there is also a spacer to the left of the horizontal scrollbar, but that one merely adjusts the size of the scrollbar.)

To take advantage of the split view feature, simply click-and-drag that spacer towards the middle of the window. This will divide the window in half, giving each half its own scrollbar.

Now, you can scroll the data within each part of the window independently. This is particularly handy when there is a need to compare two different parts of the spreadsheet/document, which are not near each other.

Bonus Tip: Whenever you are done with a split view, just double-click on the divider line between the two views. This will usually make one of the views go away. It is the equivalent of dragging the divider bar back to its original "parking place."