Find a Central Meeting Place With this Handy Tool

Trying to find a centrally-located spot between you & colleagues for a meeting? Try using the free Google Maps mashup to choose the site for your get-together.

1. First, enter where you're coming from, then enter a city or an address for each member of your meeting.

As you add locations, blue markers will appear on the map for each of them; you can click each marker for details.

2. Next, enter the type of place you want to meet -- like "library", "coffee", or "restaurant."  A yellow push-pin will appear for each location option, along with details and driving directions from each person's starting location. 

Here's the completed map showing all the locations plotted out, and highlighting one location's details:

To finish up, you can get the map's permalink so you can share the location options with your colleagues.

Note: this tool has been around a while; I and my Project Play colleagues used it n 2007 for our planning meetings.  :-)

Image credits:
• the connect-the dots bear is from Coloring Pages for Kids > Connect the Dots (free printable pages)
• screenshots from are by me