Is It Down Right Now?

Last month I kept getting "the connection has timed out" error messages when trying to access a website, so I checked the URL using my usual tool — Down For Everyone Or Just Me — and it let me know it wasn't the only one who couldn't access it.  But then I discovered a website status checker that does a much better job of reporting website outages:

It's called Is It Down Right Now?, and it's a big improvement because Down For Everyone only reports the bare minimum:

In contrast, Is It Down Right Now gave me these details and graphs (screenshot below):

  • server status check
  • websites status history
  • troubleshooting Instructions
  • similar websites that are down right now: Find a Grave and
  • outage map showing countries affected
  • plus comments from others experiencing the same problem

To check the status of any website, just go to Is It Down Right Now and enter the URL / address of the site you want to check, and a fresh site status test will be perfomed in realtime.

While it didn't make the problem better, it gave me a much better picture of the duration of the website's issues. (If you're curious,'s website suffered distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which affected all their online services for many days.)

Hat tip to Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.