GTD - "Getting Things Done"

In the past month, I have discovered GTD, or Getting Things Done. Basically, it's a way to organize tasks, and get things done quicker and more efficiently. This is not a new concept, but one I haven't adopted before now. I thought I got a lot done before, but now, I get even more done.


Before, I had a very full inbox. Which, I found it was easy for important (and not so important) emails to get lost in the mix. Using the information I found here: Becoming an Email Ninja I've been able to empty my inbox every day, and tackle the quick emails right away, and now nothing gets lost. That site has some great articles on dealing with email.


My computer was filled with documents. Word documents, web site files, spreadsheets. Treating your computer like a file cabinet and creating subfolders can help keep things organized and makes it much easier to find things later on.


I'll use the new Menasha Website as my example here. I had countless post-it notes, emails, scratch paper notes, all filled with feature requests, questions, things needing fixing. It could get overwhelming, and was difficult to prioritize. So, I took all those notes, all the emails, and compiled a list. I've got a MacBook, and there's a fantastic program for it called iGTD. There is also a great web-based application called Backpack. With this program, I've got files, emails, notes all organized. I've got a set list of goals, with tasks for each of those goals. Every day, I look forward to what I can check off my list. I tackle one large task I've been putting off at the start of the week. That ends up being one major accomplishment I can check off right away, and starts the week off great. Then, each day, I check off as much as I can to whittle away at my list. At the end of the week, I've accomplished more than I ever have before, because now I have things better organized.

I know this may not work for everyone, but it's been a godsend for me, and thought others may find it useful.

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