10 Essential Skills for Teaching Tech to Patrons

When teaching tech to patrons — like how to set up an email account or create a résumé — it isn't always the technology that's challenging; it's the teaching part.  It takes skill to support successful learning.

Because one-to-one instruction can happen any time at your library (sparked by a casual conversation at a service desk or when seeing a customer struggle with a catalog workstation), you might not have time to prepare.

To work toward more successful training outcomes, take a few minutes to read Teaching Tech to Patrons to learn all 10 skills — 5 for one-to-one and 5 for group instruction — as offered by Crystal Schimpf.

You can also watch a recording of her Ten Skills for Teaching Tech to Patrons webinar at WebJunction.

As Crystal says, "Every interaction is an opportunity for learning and teaching."



right on

This was so good! Thank you! I am going to 'employ' a couple of 5th and 6th graders and one 9th grader to be here every 'Tech Tuesday' from 3-7. We are just starting this. Will host them twice a month. Folks can drop in with anything, even their cameras and we will show them how to download the user's manuals and how to actually use them. There is nothing too hard with Google close by. Hoping to snag some non-library users with this one. ;-) I'll let you know!