Gmail This

Have a Gmail account?  Consider adding the free GmailThis! bookmarklet to your web browser.  I've been using it for a month, and I love it!

When I'm at home and find a website I'd like to use for work, I can — without leaving the webpage I'm viewing — click the GmailThis! button on my browser tollbar to send the link to my work email address.  And vice versa: when I'm at work and find a resource I want to explore on my own time, I just mark the relevant text and click the GmailThis! bookmarklet to send it to my home email address.

When you click the GmailThis! bookmarklet, it creates a "mini-interface" with Gmail, and pops up a Compose Message window that's pre-populated with a link to the web page you're at, as well as any text you may have highlighted on the page (up to 1000 characters.) Enter the email address to which you want to send the message, add some text to the body of the message if you'd like, then click the send button to mail it off.  (if you aren't already logged in to your Gmail account, the log in screen will display first; just log in and re-launch GmailThis!.)

To add it the bookmarklet, just go to the GmailThis! page and drag the link to your browser's Bookmarks bar.  Watch this demo to see how easy it is to add and use:

Note: you may need to enable your browser's Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox (also known as the "Bookmark bar" in Chrome) in order to add it.  (Sorry IE users; It's a known issue that this bookmarklet doesn't work in Internet Explorer.)

Not sure how to enable your browser toolbar?  Here are instructions for how to do it in 3 browsers:

Hat tip to Gmail Tips, Tricks and Secrets for leading me to From the Hall
Image by dancerinthedark courtesy of morgueFile, under this morgueFile license