Google Tips

Google's "define" operator allows you to look up the meanings of words and phrases without having to jump to an online dictionary. Just enter define followed by a colon followed by a word or phrase. For example, define:library or define:"library card".

Search for Exact Phrases

When googling, quotation marks allow you to search for phrases where the words occur in the exact order you specify.
For example, searching for But of all these friends and lovers There is no one compares with you returns many odd results. The words are all quite common.
Searching for "But of all these friends and lovers There is no one compares with you" returns pages containing that exact phrase. The quotation marks tell google to match those words in just that order. Knowing that phrase from one of my favorite songs, if I add lyrics after the phrase will show me what song contains that phrase.

Number Ranges

Google now has a feature which allows you to search for a range of numbers -- just put two dots between the two numbers in your range (no spaces). This is particularly neat if you're searching for a range of years. For example, if you wanted to find websites that have information about American history in the 1600s, try this search:

american history 1600..1699

You can also use this feature for other types of number ranges; just include a word that describes the kind of number you're looking for. Say you're seeking out lower-calorie desserts to enjoy...try this search:

desserts 0..100 calories