Use to find a meeting place between friends

Trying to find a meeting place between friends? Try using the Google Maps mashup called for your next get-together.

First, enter where you're coming from, then enter a city or an address for each member of your party. The map will begin putting blue "push-pins" on the map for each as you enter them.

Next, enter the type of place you want to meet -- like "coffee", "Mexican", "ice cream", "library", or even just the word "restaurant." A yellow push-pin will appear for each, along with details for each, along with driving directions from each person's starting location.

The Project Play planners are using this handy mashup to figure out where we could next meet -- we've always met in Fond du Lac, but the chocolate shop at which we stopped after lunch is soon to close. Using, Waupun Public Library (and Guth Candies) is the contender for our next meeting-place. :-)