Try "Down For Everyone or Just Me?"

If you try to get to a web site but only get an error message, check the  Down For Everyone or Just Me? service.

This morning when I connected to Meebo to log in to my MeeboMe widget, I noticed it ended up disconnecting after a bit.  When re-trying, my browser complained that the Meebo page itself couldn't be found.

I thought that odd, so I checked "Down For Everyone or Just Me?" to find out if Meebo was AWOL, or if my computer's Internet connection was wonky.  The DFEoJM service couldn't even find Meebo -- it said "Huh? doesn't look like a site on the interwho" -- so I figured the problem was on Meebo's end & not mine.

To see what results look like, here's a link to a DFEoJM check for LisNews, which I already know is in working order.