Convert Quotes Into Images for Pinterest & Facebook

Want to add a note or a quote to a Pinterest board, or add an image to increase "likes" and "shares" on a Facebook posts — but can't find a photo, SomeEcard, or LOLcat to use? Try Quozio; it "turns meaningful words into beautiful images in seconds."

Quozio is a free (no account, no sign-up, no email address required) online image generator that's easy to use:

  1. Add a quote
  2. Scroll through styles and find the one that best matches your text
  3. Click the Pin It button, or save it to your computer (either right-click to save, or use the Windows 7 Snipping Tool) to use on Facebook

You can watch this 2-minute video tutorial, and if you want to edit your image you can use a free online tool like Pixlr.

Here's one I created using Quozio:

... and you can see more examples at their Pinterest board.

Need quotes? Try these:

You can also try Pinstamatic to use just with Pinterest.

Hat tip to Phil Bradley at the I Want To blog, and GraceAnne A. DeCandido at Rupert Giles and Search Tools for Wisdom in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.