There Be Monsters Here

A student at England's Durham University shared a sign that was posted in the university library:

"My university recently closed the basement to the library. I had no idea the danger we were in," ...

... wrote the student who spotted this sign at England's Durham University. Danger is a little bit of an understatement here, folks. It's a freaking basilisk. For you Muggles living a Harry-Potter starved life, a basilisk is a basement-dwelling giant serpent beast who lives for thousands of years, has a tendency to make alliances with dark lords, and can kill you with its eyes. So, be thankful they closed the library for those so-called "emergency repairs" … and that your school has awesome librarians who recognize the opportunity for a good Harry Potter joke when they see it.

Hat tip to Nina McHale, via the ALA Think Tank Facebook group
Source: Hilarious sign in library proves that librarians are cooler than you
Original photo at Imgur