A Genius Volunteer Management Tool

Here's a free tool you can try for organizing volunteers at your library — looks like a way to avoid inconvenient paper signup sheets and confusing reply-all emails.

It's called SignUp Genius, and here's how it works:

  • Build your SignUp: choose a theme and enter the dates/times and slots you need.
  • Invite group members: via email; you can make your sign up public or private.
  • People sign up online: accessible 24x7, and email notification is sent to you when someone signs up.
  • Reminders are sent: customize when they're sent; members can receive via email or text.

You can watch the 1-minute video overview to see the process of setting up a free account and using their setup wizard to create your custom form, and view their FAQ for details.

I also noticed in the Nonprofit SignUps section they also provide tools to...

  • plan event fundraisers
  • manage donation lists
  • plan service projects

For an example of what it looks like when people participate... I won't give you a link to my church's SignUp Genius form, but here's a screenshot of it (with last names photoshopped-out by me):