WLA Conference 2012 Program Handouts & Slides

Not able to attend the 2012 WLA (Wisconsin Library Association) Conference this year? Or did you go, but wish you could have seen a presentation that was scheduled at the same time you were at a different one?

If so, you're in luck: handouts and PowerPoint presentations & slides are now available here at the WLA website.

Here's a sample of the presentation info you'll find there:

  • eReaders for the Common Good: Instituting an eReader and Other Device Lending Program @ Your Library
  • Creating an Engaging Library: Marketing from the Ground Up
  • Stop Duplicating Efforts: Creating a Unified Community Calendar
  • Reading Through Changing Vision
  • Developing a Concert Series at Your Library
  • Using Twitter As a Powerful Social Medium for Libraries
  • Bringing Boisterous Boys Back to the Library

Get them all at the WLA 2012 Conference Program Handouts page.

Bonus: Get summaries of programs presented at the 2012 Internet Librarian Conference here too!