Control Word Document Layout With Text Boxes

If you've ever struggled to get Microsoft Word to position important text exactly where you want it, try creating a Text Box.

A text box is a special type of shape designed to place text in your Word 2007 document without regard to the normal page margins. A text box gives you the flexibility to add text wherever you want it.

Add a text box...

  • To position and align text exactly where you want it to be
  • In margins to highlight key points
  • Above or below images to create a caption
  • To create a "pull quote" (a floating text box that highlights a quote from the document) or a sidebar (a block of supplementary material)

A text box is easy to insert, and with Microsoft Word's built-in text box styles and templates they're a breeze to create & customize. Or if you want more control, you can creating your own text box from scratch.

To learn how to insert a text box and how to format it in various ways — including resizing & moving it, and changing the text box shape, color, and outline — use these  instructions: